Wonderware Manufacturing Operations Management (MES) Solutions

Wonderware Manufacturing Operations Management (MES) Solutions provide users an “end to end” operations platform for excellence. Featuring a complete set of functional capabilities, the solutions increase operational efficiencies, quality and compliance and performance. This enables improved productivity through faster inventory turns, reduced production lead times, swifter new product introductions for faster ROI and enhanced customer satisfaction.

MES solutions provide real-time performance information, in context and for all execution activities, creating a more agile and responsive business.



Batch Management

Wonderware Batch solutions offer comprehensive batch-management and execution capabilities, facilitating systems design and implementation compliant with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 21CFR Part 11.

Operations Management

Operations Management solutions improve operational efficiency, ensure work order execution to specification, reduce costs of internal and external quality, ensure compliance to regulatory requirements and achieve continuous improvement and operational excellence.

Performance Management

Performance Management solutions provide a configurable, standardized software approach to downtime tracking and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) monitoring.

Quality Management

Quality Management solutions help manufacturing companies reduce the cost and increase the efficiency and accuracy of capturing and monitoring of critical quality information on the shop floor.