Internet of Things

The era of the Internet of Things (IoT) has begun and has the potential to touch every individual and every enterprise, improving daily life and helping companies be more agile.

Wonderware is enabling the Internet of Things through open, innovative software that allows smart devices, systems and people to connect more easily and interact in a secure, highly scalable way.



The amount and variety of data from smart devices is increasing exponentially. It is predicted that, by 2020, there will be an installed base of over 50 billion smart devices worldwide. To take full advantage of the Internet of Things, a highly secure software infrastructure is required that has broad connectivity, is modular and extensible, can manage and analyze huge amounts of data and is capable of delivering knowledge and results to an increasingly mobile workforce.

Wonderware has been providing such software infrastructure products for over ten years, and is working closely in several areas, Smart Cities and Asset Management, to accelerate the Internet of Things.

Smart Cities

Cities are actively connecting more of their assets together to help improve service, reduce cost and maintain safety. Wonderware is working with cities across the globe to provide the software infrastructure they will need to take full advantage of the data coming from their diverse systems today and into the future. Wonderware System Platform is helping municipal governments become more efficient at connecting their water, waste, energy and transportation systems together so they can better manage their assets and provide affordable, reliable and safe public services.