Information Management Solutions

Wonderware Software provides Information Management Solutions for real-time insight into operations through visualization, historization and analytics to better manage and anticipate outcomes, inform and empower knowledge workers and tune and improve plant performance.

It connects directly to meters on a network through industrial controllers or through building automation systems and is layered on top of Wonderware System Platform thus enabling integration with a wide range of industrial controllers and I/O data sources.



This unique approach enables direct integration with the process and adds essential context to energy usage, such as asset state, production results and operating parameters. Functionality includes recording consumption and demand at main and submeters for a wide range of energy types, including power, water, chill, gas, air and steam. The current price for each energy type can be updated in real time to reflect the emerging wholesale markets for energy or the cost of site generation.


Wonderware Information Management Software Solutions includes a rich analytics capability, in a variety of form factors, to enable informed decision making to optimize and improve plant operations management.

Real-time analytics reflect actual operating conditions and include drill down capabilities to get to root causes and allow “what if” scenarios and workforce collaboration to establish and enforce best practices.


Wonderware Information Management Software offers a complete and integrated portfolio to capture manual and automated process data, production events and plant performance in real-time, turning manufacturing or industrially-derived Big Data into operations intelligence information in the context of business and operations execution strategies.

Historizing data is the foundation for Big Data Analytics. Wonderware Solutions capture, configure and store real-time process data for subsequent analysis and knowledge management.


Wonderware Visualization Solutions provide detailed, accurate renditions of distributed or local operations, feeding both stationary and mobile devices for immediate visibility into progress, status and events.

Situational awareness features allow uncluttered views of operations for better, clearer decision making. These solutions enable organizations to achieve insight into real-time processes and gain unparalleled transparency into operations.

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