System Integrators

Wonderware System Integrator Program

The Wonderware SI Partner Program is a multi-tier support system that recognizes participants by their level of experience and certification with Schneider Electric brands, market focus and industry-related expertise.
The goal is to keep expertise close-at-hand to each customer and provide support all around the world.

Program-certified SIs have experience with a wide range of technologies from instrumentation to valves to drives and robots, from single-loop control to distributed and supervisory control and from manufacturing execution systems to supply-chain planning and enterprise management systems.
Maintaining collaborative business relationships with Ecosystem Partners worldwide allows Wonderware to provide exceptional vertical-industry focus while ensuring the business results that our customers need.

The Value of Working with Wonderware System Integrators

There are 3 levels in the SI Partner Program:
Entry-level Registered SI Partners, mid-level Certified SI Partners and highest-level Endorsed SI Partners.

The SI Partner Program provides training and certification opportunities for SI Partners and encourages customers to require that their preferred Partners gain the highest levels of expertise and certification.
In addition, the program gives SI Partner organizations a robust methodology to nurture the skills and expertise of their employees, providing a competitive edge in delivering successful projects and retaining high-quality employees.