Data Centers

Demands for computing power continue to grow at an astounding rate and data centers are instrumental in meeting those demands. They house computer systems, telecommunications and storage systems, and generally include redundant or backup power supplies and data communications connections, environmental controls and security devices.

Wonderware System Platform provides a single, scalable software platform for integrating a wide range of devices, systems and data sources into a unified operations management solution.

Wonderware System Platform capabilities include real-time graphic visualization, automated data collection, alarm and event capabilities and reporting and analysis available through the web-based and via mobile devices. Because it is high-volume, commercial, off-the-shelf software, it can be configured and programmed to cost-effectively deliver to a wide range of applications, including data centers. ArchestrA-based technologies have been used in diverse applications that require connecting to, monitoring and managing environmental systems such as heating/ventilation/air conditioning (HVAC), lighting, power, steam and water, which are critical to data center operations. Cost savings of up to 30% in utility usage and cooling energy are possible by applying Wonderware software for monitoring, reporting and supervisory control of data center support systems and operations management.

Key Benefits

Key Capabilities