Smart Cities Industry

With the increasing majority of people living in cities, urbanization poses significant short- and long-term challenges to governments and municipalities.

A Smart City shares its digital infrastructure and data to enhance livability, workability and sustainability. Wonderware software enables cities to access real-time, critical data to make better, faster and more efficient decisions for their communities.


Facilities Management

Whether a single building or a large multi-building campus, city facilities require secure, efficient and reliable operations.

Data Centers

The demand for computing power is growing at an astounding rate. Data centers are critical to meeting the demand.


Whether by road, rail, air or water, a smart city needs efficient, safe and reliable transportation to keep its community moving.

Water and Wastewater

Life-sustaining clean water and sanitary wastewater treatment services are essential in any urban environment.

Substation Automationg

Power transmission and distribution require complex grids and substations to support the vast amounts of power consumed by cities.

Alternative Energy and Solar

Clean energy is an important part of a smart city, where concentrated activity requires the consistent pursuit of sustainability.