Power Industry

Leading power generators and distributors rely on Wonderware to provide a wide range of automation solutions that address increasing and evolving demands. From the plant level through the enterprise, solutions from Wonderware enable 20% of the power worldwide.

Wonderware solutions enable power-delivery companies to layer their optimization and monitoring solutions on top of their existing systems and connect to almost any device, regardless of the manufacturer. This overlay is the platform that enables centralized deployment, integration, and management of applications to create a comprehensive real-time operations management environment – an environment that enables you to better align your operations with your business goals.


Conventional Generation

Wonderware can help you generate power from fossil fuels safely, minimize costs and carbon footprint, and meet regulatory requirements.

Nuclear Generation

Wonderware can help you safely and reliably generate power from nuclear fuel in a regulated environment, minimize plant disruptions and mitigate obsolescence.

Renewable Generation

Wonderware can help you generate power efficiently from nature’s intermittent elements, with rapidly evolving technology.

Transmission and Distribution

Wonderware can help you reliably and economically manage transmission and distribution of electrical power.

Corporate (Enterprise)

Wonderware can help you enable consumer energy management, with real-time visibility and control of the power value chain.