Upstream Oil and Gas Industry

Wonderware Upstream Oil and Gas Industry solutions enable safe operation for personnel and the environment while helping to generate the greatest profitability, production and productivity from existing assets.

Wonderware specialists work hand-in-hand with you to understand your specific issues – and then offer solutions based on reusable components and extensible structures that can empower you to more quickly fulfill both customer and regulatory demands.



Wonderware solutions provide an integrated data and application platform that improves the way information is combined and displayed, resulting in an integrated and cohesive environment that enables significant savings in Oil & Gas production monitoring and optimization, and pipeline monitoring and control. This integration of disparate systems and processes across all departments creates a comprehensive real-time operations and information management environment, enabling better decision support, cost reduction, process yield optimization, and operator performance.
Wonderware also helps get new assets to first production quickly.

Key Attributes and Benefits

Oil and Gas Production

You must maximize production of oil and gas from onshore and offshore wells safely and economically. Wonderware can help.

Oil and Gas Processing

You must process oil and gas safely and efficiently, extracting the most value from the hydrocarbon stream while minimizing costs. Wonderware can help.

Oil and Gas Pipelines

You must transport oil and gas, sometimes across large distances, safely, economically, on schedule and without attracting attention. Wonderware can help.