Mining, Minerals and Metals Industry Solutions

Wonderware delivers solutions that help you operate safely, efficiently and in an environmentally sensitive context.

Whether you are concerned about minimizing costs, creating sustainable environmental operations, reducing energy consumption or maximizing asset availability, all while maintaining or improving production, Wonderware can help.

The Mining & Metals industry is facing significant growth, but the industry is also facing significant volatility. The challenges are magnified by environmental concerns, workforce shortages, and increasing shareholder revenue expectations.



Wonderware experts help devise a solution that links your disparate applications into a more collaborative, cohesive environment – enabling significant savings in operations workload requirements, staffing, quality improvement and coordination of effort. And the solutions platform we’ll recommend will be flexible and scalable, enabling easy administration that allows you to adapt to changing demand and regulatory requirements.

To realize future growth through expanded production, industry managers must look for opportunities to increase operational efficiency and optimize costs.

Mining, Minerals and Metals Industry companies worldwide rely on Wonderware for industrial automation software, services and solutions.

Key Benefits

  • Reduced energy costs by up to 12%
  • Reduced operating costs by up to 10%
  • Increased production value up to 10%
  • Average annual improvement of $5.4M in operating performance per site

Key Capabilities

  • HMI visualization
  • Historian and trending
  • Operations MES
  • Production and asset performance
  • Condition-based monitoring of assets
  • Real-time and production integration in one model
  • Powerful production and tracking capability