Hydrocarbon Processing Industry

Wonderware helps refining and petrochemical producers achieve superior performance through better management of their energy usage and costs, optimization of their process yields, reduction or elimination of safety-related incidents and improved operator performance.

Processing oil and gas depends on processing the hydrocarbon stream at the lowest possible cost and with the utmost efficiency. To achieve these goals, productivity, safety and reliability must be optimized simultaneously.



The need to maximize the hydrocarbon streams while minimizing the costs of capital requires three types of model-based tools: Design tools, real time optimization tools and training tools. In addition to providing these tools, Wonderwares supports advanced visualization, asset management and integration of data from an entire complex to provide historical, current and predicted performance events and upsets. Invensys solutions also support integration into planning, scheduling and corporate reporting systems.

Key Challenges


To succeed in today’s demanding environment, you must optimize your product mix at the minimum cost of production. Wonderware can help.

Petroleum Refining

To succeed in today’s demanding market environment, you must maximize the value of every molecule processed. Wonderware can help.


To succeed in today’s demanding market, you must optimize your product mix with minimum losses. Wonderware can help.