General Manufacturing

Innovative Wonderware solutions are used by manufacturers around the world to achieve optimal performance and improve overall operations in key areas like quality, production tracking, performance, inventory, order fulfillment and asset management.

Our Wonderware Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and technology platform address the demands and complexities of contemporary manufacturing systems. General Manufacturing relies on Wonderware for high performance and improved operations in areas like quality, production, performance, inventory and asset management.



The effective management of critical aspects of process manufacturing – formulation, routing, ingredients, unit of measure, lot traceability and product & implementation pricing – requires specialized industry knowledge and carefully tailored IT solutions. Whether your processes occur in the food & beverage,
chemical, pharmaceutical, consumer packaged goods, or biotechnology industries, Wonderware offers solutions that increase efficiency and profitability and improve overall plant and process operations. These solutions improve control and enable regulatory compliance, while providing the flexibility to support product innovations.

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