Sugar and Confectionary

The Sugar and Confectionary segment is characterized by very high production volumes. Allergen and cross-contamination concerns are enforced through stringent procedures and controls. The optimal product mix is achieved by postponing or delaying the final flavoring or packaging as much as possible. In this fragmented but consolidated segment, companies must produce efficiently, maximize supply chain efficiency, respond to changing consumer demand, minimize energy consumption, manage assets and ensure food safety.



Wonderware offers a range of solutions that meet business drivers and challenges. Wonderware Operations and Performance Software, a Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) software application, helps standardize manufacturing processes and respond with agility to changing products while maintaining product safety with full traceability and trackability.

Analytical software like Wonderware Intelligence enables contextualized reporting and analysis of an organization's production. Wonderware Corporate Energy Management helps identify and reduce energy consumption costs. The Wonderware System Platform is a unified platform upon which Wonderware Food and Beverage solutions are integrated. Procedural enforcement and exception management helps document and maximize operational events and issues through a centralized electronic system of record.

Wonderware Addresses Key Challenges