Specialty Chemicals

Specialty and fine chemical producers deal with an array of challenges every day that impact the bottom line. These include scheduling disconnected from operations, disjointed workflow and collaboration systems which lead to production delays and slowdowns, evaluating current production conditions and situations with data from yesterday or last week (or last month), lack of timely waste and profitability numbers that would help limit the waste and increase profits and staggeringly high Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ).



Wonderware solutions for the Specialty Chemicals sector help improve yields, agility and workflow management so that problems with scheduling, product demand, product variations, yields and maintenance are identified and managed early. Root causes are analyzed and recommendations provided to empower plant personnel to make faster, more effective business decisions, quickly enabling them to implement corrective actions before problems or variations occur.

Using Wonderware solutions, product variability and product demand are managed better and month-end surprises avoided. The right information gets to the right person at the right time. Product yields and manufacturing capacity are greatly improved and waste and product variability reduced.

Wonderware Addresses Key Challenges

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