The Biofuels sector has an increasingly important role in balancing the energy mix due to its favorable carbon balance compared to traditional fossil fuel sources, but the challenges are significant.

Throughput, yield and reliability must be maximized in the face of dynamic production and market situations. With changing economic subsidies, competing oil-for-food and oil-for-biodiesel prices and unpredictable agricultural conditions, the challenges of maximizing throughput, yield and reliability are daunting.



Wonderware solutions for the Biofuels sector include focused operations measurements such as model-based, real-time measurement of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), energy and cost accounting. These key performance indicators generate better performance insights for each value-generation step in a Biofuels plant and are given business context derived from Production Management Systems such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Supply Chain Management.

Wonderware solutions for the Biofuels sector can deliver significant increases in the plant or facility's Sales Value of Production (SVOP) and contribute to sustainability by easing the Environmental, Health and Safety compliance concerns that are increasingly occupying the minds of business leaders in this sector.

Wonderware Addresses Key Challenges

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