Wonderware Historian InSight

Wonderware Historian InSight provides a rich visualization of operational data, taking information from your Wonderware Historian and making it directly accessible via a web browser. With no user configuration required, Wonderware Historian InSight installs directly on your Historian server and looks directly at your data.

This offering has been built for managers and engineers who need access to Historian information, but do not require full access to the intricacies of the control system or Wonderware Historian.

Easy access to view data via a web browser

Excellent for Business Users and Managers

Built specifically for the needs of business users and managers, Wonderware Historian InSight enables users to quickly and easily get access to data for more informed business decisions without requiring knowledge of tags, hierarchies or system configuration.

The smart client works with any modern HTML5 browser and enables comprehensive search capabilities that indexes all existing tags, user generated keywords and content names. Users can create, save and easily share personal content, as well as create, save and share dashboards based on defined keywords.

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