TOP Server

TOP Server’s flexible and powerful features reduce your total life cycle cost for automation software. Training costs are reduced through the use of a modular architecture and commonly used methods across a multitude of different drivers. Knowledge gained in one project can be used on the next.

The ability to reuse configurations like templates on separate PC’s has made TOP Server the clear favorite for many systems integrators, OEM’s and global companies.

TOP Server maximizes performance. As a reliable multi–threaded application leveraging the latest in dual-core processor and multiprocessor technologies. TOP Server ensures you get the right data at the right time.

TOP Server is the top choice, the world over. Make it yours.

  • You need the flexibility to connect your hardware to a complex array of automation software. Choose TOP Server and you can meet your business goals. All the TOP Server built-in features come with your purchased license.
  • Whether a user, integrator, or channel partner, TOP Server’s proven track record makes it your best choice for any challenging device integration application.
  • TOP Server is used in mission-critical applications all over the world in almost every industry.